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AAirpark Auto Service has been servicing cars, trucks, and SUVs in the North Scottsdale Community since 1985. Stacey Grobmeier, our founder started out many years ago with a simple vision : “Treat your customers as you would your family, with care and concern. Provide them with fair pricing, honest behavior and back up everything you do with integrity.” Stacey had not invented this way of doing business but rather inherited it from his father, Joseph. Joseph had always told his son of this simple philosophy and that if he followed it with the passion of his heart the reward of success would be inevitable.

automotiveStacey started his career in the mid 1970’s working for his dad in an Oldsmobile dealership here in Phoenix. Stacey’s father, Joseph, had grown up in the car business himself and had discovered his son would soon follow in his footsteps. “We knew early on that Stacey showed strong signs and that this was going to be his profession. Stacey started racing motorcycles at the age of 13 and then gravitated toward automobiles when he was 16, after that there was no turning back.” At the tender age of 17 he moved to Colorado to pursue his high school sweetheart and found employment at the local Chevrolet dealership as a technician. From that position he moved up the ranks to a management position at the age of 19.

After several years of the easy life in Colorado, the local economy had stalled and Stacey felt it was time to move back home and seek opportunity with his wife, Nadine, and their children. He worked in management positions until 1988, when he was given a promotion to the position of Director of Parts and Service for one of the Valley’s largest dealerships, all this by the age of 26. It was obvious that his father had taught him well, but not being one to rest on his laurels, Stacey decided to open his own business.automotive

“One thing I always knew at the dealerships was that we could never establish an environment of personal service with our customers. I felt I could establish a business that put the customers satisfaction above all things. This would be the basis for our relationship with our customers and with the help of my wife, Nadine, and three technicians we started Airpark Auto Service. ” Even though Airpark Auto Service has grown into one of largest Independent facilities in the state, we still live by those same founding principles of treating the customer like family. Many of the testimonials our customers have graciously given bring home the value of honest living. Doing business with Airpark Auto Service also brings credentials such as being a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility, and one of only 2 ASE Blue Seal of Excellence facilities in North Scottsdale. We are one of Mark Salem's (The Car Guy) recommended repair facilities listed on his "Best Car Repair Shops" in Az, and a recommended GarageFly shop.

“We know that many folks need more than a promise of being skilled and committed to their satisfaction and this is the very reason we have committed to these affiliations. It also gives me the confidence to promise to our customers they will receive complete satisfaction and extraordinarily great service”. Stacey Grobmeier

It is with great sadness that I continue the Airpark Auto Service story from here. I am Nadine Grobmeier, Stacey’s wife and partner. We lost Stacey in September of 2003, when he lost his battle with Leukemia. I am proud to be able to continue on his legacy, as I worked along side Stacey since the beginning in building our business into what it is today.

I now have our eldest son, Greg, working beside me, as he stepped in to help with our family business once his father became ill. Along with Greg and I, we have a dedicated group of professionals to help with all of your automotive servicing and repair needs. Namely, Aaron Nelson, our service manager, Craig Stiffler, our controller, and Jocelyn (my daughter-in-law), our customer service and reception help. Aaron has been with us since 1993, and Craig since 2000.

You will benefit by knowing that you will be seeing the same smiling faces each and every time you come in to Airpark Auto Service. We are all eager to help you with your automotive service & repair needs, providing you with the highest standard of customer service, quality service & repair, and uncompromising honesty and integrity. I am honored to be able to carry on or business with the same principles my late husband, Stacey, believed in and founded this business upon.

Nadine Grobmeier, Owner

When Only The Best Will Do - Airpark Auto Service


  • Great Location - Central Airpark
  • Free Shuttle
  • Clean, Modern Facility
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Spacious, Comfortable Waiting Area
  • High Quality Service at Fair Prices


  • I really appreciate the honesty and integrity shown by your shop not just yesterday but in the 7 years I have been coming there for auto care. Tony Gibson
  • The best place I have ever dealt with, they are courteous, friendly, honest. Not over priced like some. I will definitely be back. Virginia Gladish
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    Get 10% better mileage by keeping tires properly inflated and using the manufacturer's recommended fuel grade for your vehicle.

  • Prolong Tire Life

    Rotate your tires every 5,000 miles, keep tires properly inflated and have your alignment checked routinely will extend their service life.

  • Reduce Your Repair Costs

    Proper vehicle maintenance like oil and filter changes, emissions inspections, and undercarriage inspections will catch small problems before they get expensive.

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