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  1. 5

    Great Shop - Great Location

    I was referred to Airpark Auto Service by a friend and was told they had provided excellent service for 20 years. So far I have not been disappointed! The staff is courteous, down to earth and service is only provided on your car if it's necessary. There are no hidden agendas here. Amazing to find in this day and age! I highly recommend them to everyone I know.
    I would recommend this shop to a friend

  2. 5

    Highly Recommended

    My go to shop for all our vehicles. The staff is always professional and fun to deal with and the mechanics keep us on the road by catching potential problems before they turn into a breakdown.
    I would recommend this shop to a friend

  3. 5

    Great Staff & Honest - Hard To Find These Days

    Dropped our '98 Mustang off on a Sunday night using the key drop box-so convenient! We were worried about the transmission and the electrical system was showing low on charge. Aaron called early Monday to let us know that all we needed was some transmission fluid and a new alternator. The battery was under warranty so that was replaced as well. He said we' d keep an eye on the transmission to see how it does. The guys at Airpark Auto always take care of our autos in a timely fashion-we trust them implicitly!

    I would recommend this shop to a friend

  4. 5


    Woman Owned Business a Plus !

    Now I am the sole driver of our car and I fully trust and rely on advice from airpark mechanics. Thanks to them, the car maintenance has been perfect and I have had no problems.
    I would recommend this shop to a friend

  5. 5

    Nice Place

    As a first time visitor i was very impressed by the cleanliness of the lobby/waiting area. The staff was very courteous and helpful and i have already recommend you to two of my friends!!
    I would recommend this shop to a friend

  6. 5

    Been Using Them A Long Time

    I have been using Airpark auto for years, I have 4 vehicles. Over the past 10 years They have always been polite, honest and efficient. Being able to actually trust the people working on my vehicles was a new and refreshing experience for me, from the review of my vehicle problem to the job being on time and reasonable pricing, I can only ask for one more thing and that's a ride to my home after I drop off the vehicle, yep they do that too.

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